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   The Slovak Catholic Unity (SCU) was established in Slovakia in 1920. The objective of SCU was the spiritual development of individuals, families and society, to help people in need and to keep the christian nature of Slovakia. The Centre organized many public assemblies, folk-educational courses and edifying lectures. The Catholic Unity printing office published alliance prints journals and calendars which were distributed throughout Slovakia. The Slovak Catholic Unity was violently liquidated by the communist regime in 1948.
   The Slovak Catholic Unity was almost forgotten during the 42 years of its violent abolishment. After political changes in 1989, the Slovak Catholic Unity started its work owning none of its previous assets. The government then returned two old buildings in very bad condition. They are situated in the cities Trnava and Námestovo. For two or three years these buildings were renovated due to the voluntary work of members of SCU and the financial support of some benefactors.


    Generally, the Slovak Catholic Unity works in evangelisation, education, and in social and charitable arenas. The main task of the SCU branches is to vitalize parish communities, to be their active core. That is done by activities such as spiritual retreats, evangelisation and educational meetings (lectures and workshops), children's leisure time activities directed to the development of personality as well as creativity (choirs, spectacles, art), pilgrimages, charitable and social work with old people and people in need. SCU supports also women's activities in a public life. Many of these activities are carried out in SCU houses in Trnava, Námestovo and Lúka nad Váhom where there are children's summer camps as well. 
    In its work SCU cooperates with other christian organisations, educational institutions as well as with the municipal or state government. In cooperation with Trnava University, a missionary center for the education and formation of lay missionary and charitable workers has been established in the Central house of SCU. There is also a regional humanitarian centre in the Central house in Trnava.

Organization and Economy

    The SCU organization structure is the following: the National centre in Trnava, regional centers in Bratislava, Trnava, Námestovo and Prešov, local branches around almost all Slovakia. The organization structure enables the branch offices to make decisions about their activity independently from the Centre in Trnava. Every branch has its own legal subjectivity and can act on behalf of its own name. Any citizen or group which agrees with the mission and activities of the Slovak Catholic Unity can become a SCU member. 
SCU economy is focused on the financial security of its activities. The financial means are obtained from membership contributions, gifts, donations, grants and from its own business activities.

* * *

    The members and collaborators of the Slovak Catholic Unity struggle to preserve and develop the spiritual inheritance of the Slovak peoples. They are trying to do just small steps of "good" for their close relatives, for their street, village or town. They say "yes" to life, to man, to God by that. If they are able to be a partner to everyone who need it, then the Slovak Catholic Unity perhaps contributes peace and joy to Slovak society.

Contact address:

Katolícka jednota Slovenska
Novosadská 4
917 01 Trnava 

tel.: +421-805-5515058, fax: +421-805-5514252